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 We're off the streets now. And back on the road. On the riot trail♪

 USオルタナシーンのゴッド・ファーザー、SONIC YOUTHソニック・ユース)のインディーズ時代を締めくくった1988年発表、LP2枚組の大作となった傑作アルバム『DAYDREAM NATION』(全英99位)の1曲目を飾る名曲"Teen Age Riot"。

・Sonic Youth - Teenage Riot



1. SY like Ciccone Youth (old video footage)
2. Writer and music critic Harvey Pekar (on Letterman)
3. Dennis Wilson (The Beach Boys, hitting the drums)
4. very young Joni Mitchell (It seems, but it isn't Nico)
5. German musician, producer, actor, etc Blixa Bargeld, in a long footage (Einsturzende Neubauten¥ The Bad Seeds, 3:43 It's NOT Sid Vicious, It's NOT Sid Vicious!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
6. German actress Nastassja Kinski (''Paris¥Texas'' footage. SY almost got sued by german director Wim Wenders, but everything ended well)
7. Jad Fair (Half Japanese)
8. Patti Smith (several times!)
9. Mark E. Smith (The Fall)
10. Henry Rollins (and The Black Flag, many times)
11. Daniel Johnston (playing accoustic guitar)
12. Neil Young
13. Sun Ra
14. Mike Watt playing an imaginary guitar (Minutemen/Firehose)
15. Iggy Pop (several times, solo and I think, maybe, from some old footage of The Stooges too, I am not sure)
16. Ian MacKaye (Minor Threat¥Fugazi)
17. actor¥writer¥director¥Woody Allen fave, Alan Alda
18. The band MC5
19. The band Kiss, playing and dancing
20. Johnny Thunders (New York Dolls¥The Heartbreakers)
21. D. Boon (Minutemen¥ The Reactionaries, walking on a crowd)
22. young Nick Cave (3:35)
23. J. Mascis (Dinossaur Jr.) hitting
24. Lou Barlow (Sebadoh¥Folk Implosion¥Dinosaur Jr.)
25. Susanna Hoffs (1:46 in a Bangles video). Susanna is a real punk¥alt country rock pioneer from Southern California, important figure from the movement Paisley Underground, with Kendra Smith, Rain Parade, David Roback and Hope Sandoval)
26. Elvis Presley dancing
27. Novelist, short story writer, essayist, painter, ''father - or grandfather - of Counterulture'', William S. Burroughs. He worked as a sponken word artist with many bands¥musicians (3:31)
28. comedian ''Pee-wee Hermann'' (Paul Reubens)
29. singer¥songwriter¥actor Tom Waits
30. Legend Richard Hell
31. Writer Jack Kerouac
32. Underground fillmmaker and photographer Richard Kern
33. Legendary Lydia Lunch
34. At 0:12, the classic formation of the band Pussy Galore, with Jon Spencer (from the well-known Blues Explosion, and the bassist Cristina Martinez (Boss Hog)
35. Legendary Buffalo Springfield
36. Jeff McDonald (Redd Kross, 0:47)
37. 3:36 James Chance (saxophonist, keyboard player, songwriter and singer, legend from No Wave movement, frontman of Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, James White and the Blacks, The Flaming Demonics, James Chance & the Sardonic Symphonics, James Chance and Terminal City, James Chance and Les Contortions, and, of course, The Contortions)
And Reference to:
38. Butthole Surfers (in a poster)
39. Throbbing Gristle (in a t-shirt)

At 13 seconds, that's pussy galore
Sub Pop Records co-founder Bruce Pavitt @ :37


 印象的なアルバムジャケットはドイツの画家・Gerhard Richterゲルハルト・リヒター)の1983年の『Kerze』(英語にすると「Candle」なのでロウソクですね)という作品が使われています。

Sonic Youth -『Daydream Nation』収録曲リスト
1. "Teen Age Riot"
2. "Silver Rocket"
3. "The Sprawl"
4. "'Cross the Breeze"
5. "Eric's Trip"
6. "Total Trash"
7. "Hey Joni"
8. "Providence"
9. "Candle"
10. "Rain King"
11. "Kissability"
12. "Trilogy"
 a) "The Wonder"
 b) "Hyperstation"
 z) "Eliminator Jr."
・Apple Musicで試聴&ダウンロード

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