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 And 'cause we don't need reason and we don't need logic
 'Cause we've got feeling and we're damn proud of it♪

 カヴァー曲が大半を占める1990年発表、YO LA TENGOヨ・ラ・テンゴ)の4thアルバム『FAKEBOOK』収録曲"SPEEDING MOTORCYCLE"。この曲は多くのアーティストからカルト的なリスペクトを集めるダニエル・ジョンストンのカヴァー。

・Speeding Motorcycle

・Daniel Johnston - Speeding Motorcycle (with Yo La Tengo)



Yo La Tengo -『Fakebook』収録曲リスト
1. "Can't Forget"
2. "Griselda" (The Holy Modal Rounders)
3. "Here Comes My Baby" (Cat Stevens)
4. "Barnaby, Hardly Working" (The Scene is Now)
5. "Yellow Sarong" (The Scene is Now)
6. "You Tore Me Down" (Flamin' Groovies)
7. "Emulsified" (Rex Garvin & The Mighty Cravers)
8. "Speeding Motorcycle" (Daniel Johnston)
9. "Tried So Hard" (The Byrds)
10. "The Summer"
11. "Oklahoma, U.S.A." (The Kinks)
12. "What Comes Next"
13. "The One to Cry" (The Escorts)
14. "Andalucia" (John Cale)
15. "Did I Tell You"
16. "What Can I Say" (NRBQ)
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